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Four days before the Spring Festival, the booking volume of popular county hotels increased by over 120% year-on-year

Date: 2024-02-15

Going home for the Chinese New Year and staying in hotels has become a new choice for some young people. According to data from Tongcheng Travel Platform, from the first to fourth day of junior high school, hotel bookings in major county towns across the country increased by over 120% year-on-year. County towns with significant increases in bookings are mainly located in cities such as Guangxi, Diqing, Huizhou, Yanbian, Fuzhou, and Huzhou. From the perspective of population structure, the main consumer groups of county hotels are the flow of returning home visits and short distance tourism. According to data from Tongcheng Travel Platform, over five hotel orders in county towns (or districts) became local consumption during the Spring Festival. Driven by the peak tourism season during the Spring Festival, hotel bookings in county-level cities with abundant tourism resources such as Yangshuo County, Shangri La County, and Wuyuan County are booming. In addition, the increase in hotel bookings in county towns in the central and western regions where the flow of returning tourists is relatively concentrated is also significant.